The Brain is not what we think it is?





For years we have been raised with the idea that our brain is like a computer, which process data, stores information and is in charge of our personality, feelings, behaviors, among other things, but , as far as we know, or as far as science told us, it is supposed to be that way, but, what if we were told that, brain is more like an antenna, an spectacular and sophisticated communication device, which allows us to download and upload information from a bigger, vast and unimaginable source of everything, may it be this called the universal library, the universal source, Love or maybe…GOD?
As this is something that of course is a speculation, for me it has a lot of sense…let’s say, for example, that neuronal interaction, 100 billion neurons firing at the same time, perfectly conforming new connections, memories, data, giving us the sense that we are in control and all that bs…but… what if this is not actually a biological process, but rather sort of a worm hole, a quantum activity , or maybe millions of them , acting as a perfect and synchronized event that triggers energy which opens and closes gates to an universal intelligence, which is open to everybody and everyone, even nature, animals, and the world of the unknown? Wouldn’t this be why is so difficult to understand how brain works, because we have been looking at it in a wrong way? What if pineal gland was like a modem, were, for example, highly special humans among us, have found a way to get a HIGH speed connection for their desires, dreams and purposes, may these be called ART, SCIENCE, LITERATURE, SPORTS, GENIOSITY, and so on, while the least favored in life (the 98%) barely connect in a very slow and fluctuating way? What if what we call memories, are only a small part of something that we believe is our life, but actually is our personal interpretation of the same event called life? Were we are all connected to all, and everyone, and that’s why having success is so damn hard to get, because it takes the participation of another event called discipline to make it work, to make us stronger…to make us wiser…what if  this “ability” to connect to this powerful and infinite source of knowledgement, called also the “Unified Field” by Depak Chopra, and other respectable humans is  perhaps something they have been preaching for hundred, maybe thousands of years?
Having an amazing ability, talent of special skill, takes years to develop, and it can only be forged by those who dare to work hard, every single day, with a clear goal in mind, and our brain is simply a way to make it happen, not what we think our mind is, and this does not actually happens in our brain precisely, but out there, or deep inside our “spirit” the same that every living creature has included…
Cloud computing, for example, Google Now, Cortana, Siri, Alexa, etc…this technology, all of them need the “internet” to make it available, and that’s why, people with lower level of consciousness, never get to make it, even not in a lifetime, because they spend most of its time in “offline” mode… not being able to realize how powerful this tool is.
I personally have a strong belief that I can capture or hunt, whichever idea is in this Universal source, like a hunter, of maybe a fisherman, I spend most of my time imagining, dreaming and grabbing what I can, using my cellphone camera, or my sound recorder app…. It´s amazing how people can have so many different and marvelous skills, which often, do not have a clue on how to get them right, and spend a whole life trying to understand why is so hard to live.

The truth is out there.


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